Whether you are looking for national, European or international semi-finished products of titan, steel, aluminium, or special material – robemetall GmbH will deliver this wide range of metal semi-finished products quickly and properly to you. We find the right answer to your material request – worldwide and efficiently – we fulfil even the highest demands.

robemetall GmbH is an EN 9120:2018 certified supplier for the aerospace industry. Our employees have a vast experience in the procurement of technical materials and advise you competently on all your requests.

Our particular strength lies in the procurement of semi-finished materials according to US specifications (SAE-AMS index / ASTM-, QQ-A-, WW-T-) which we can have delivered to you by air or sea cargo at a short notice via our factory partners at the east or west coast of the US. Furthermore, we offer you short term procurement of any national (according to WL-Nr., W-Nr.) or European (AFNOR, AIR 9160, British Standard BSS-) semi-finished products which we do not have in stock at our warehouse in Rockenberg.

We moved into our new headquarters in April 2015. Apart from steal in the standard qualities (17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, 13-8 MO, WL 1.4548, WL 1.4545, WL 1.4534, WL 1.6604, WL 1.4044, WL 1.4546, WL 1.4544, WL 1.7734, 440C) and aluminium aerospace semi-finished parts (EN AW-2024, EN AW-6061, EN AW-7075, WL 3.1364, WL 3.1354, WL 3.3214, WL 3.4364) we especially store titanium alloys in round formats, plates and sheet metal (Titan Grade 2, Titan Grade 5, WL 3.7164, AMS 4928, bzw. WL 3.7025, WL 3.7035, ASTM-B-265, ASTM-B-348).


If there is metal,

there is robemetall

From satellites to precision gearboxes, from aviation to the Formula 1 race circuit – if there is metal, robemetall is there. Whatever you need – any type of semi-finishes profiles, panel cuttings, sheets, pipes, forged components – we procure it for you. We produce cuttings in special dimensions for semi-finished materials, pipes and open die forged materials according to your technical specification. We always serve you in line with our motto – to deliver the right product at the right

time in your required quantity and quality at a fair rate.

Besides the aviation and aerospace industry and their suppliers we deliver goods to the motor sports industry, automobile industry, classic mechanical engineering, scientific institutes, the offshore industry and medical engineering. Especially for medical engineering we store ELI Titan F67, F136 at our location in Rockenberg.  


A dynamic and
experienced team

Our team consists of well-trained employees who have long standing technical and commercial know-how.

You can find our material not only in the German module of the International Space Station, in communication satellites, in all parts of the Airbus supply industry, classical mechanical or plant engineering, on drilling platforms of the offshore industry, but also in medical engineering.  

Besides our procurement services we provide comprehensive and individual consultation to meet your needs. robemetall GmbH is integrated in a network of special laboratories and technical universities. Thus, we are able to meet even the most challenging material requests. Dynamic and efficient working as well as fun and the ambition to be a good business partner is what distinguishes us.