Metal powder for additive manufacturing (3D metal printing)

From now on we offer you high quality spherical metal powder for 3D metal printing. The company robemetall GmbH stands for tradition and innovation, therefore we have specialized for your future needs also in this area. As a dealer for the aerospace industry, we meet the highest requirements and have an EN 9120:2018 certification.

Product list - Metal powder

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Order metal powder for 3D metal printing – common specifications of high-grade material with short delivery time

We can supply you with any desired material specification as metal powder, because we are able to manufacture all materials according to your specifications. Should your desired material not be found in the table below (please click on the hyperlink "Product list - Metal powder" at the end of the text), feel free to contact us.

Metal powder for metal 3D printing is already a big topic today and will dominate the metal sector even more in the future. In recent years, we have seen strong growth and many technical advancements in the 3D metal-stamping sector. From now on we offer you metal powders from our stock in the following powder alloys: Titanium alloys (titanium powder). Pure Titanium Grade 1-4, Grade 5 Titanium (Ti6Al4V) Grade 23 (Ti64ELI) or Ti6242 (Ti6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo) and many other titanium alloys.

Furthermore, powdered stainless steel alloys (steel powder) such as 15-5 PH and 17-4 PH. Steel powder of 316L / 304L, tool steel such as 18Ni300 / MS1 or duplex steels such as stainless steel. 1.4410. We can also use the common, high-quality nickel base alloys (nickel powder), e.g. Inconel 718 (In718), Inconel 625 (In625) and Hastelloy X as powders for your additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing). An example of an aluminum alloy (aluminum powder) would be the material AlSi10Mg. Our aerospace aluminum alloys 2024, 6061, 7075 are also available in our range. In addition, we also offer refractory metals as powders, e.g. Tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum or niobium.

Top-quality metal powder by high-tech procedures in any specifications on demand

With our SS-PREP manufacturing process - extension of the well-known PREP process (Plasma Rotating Electrode Process) - we can produce a high quality spherical metal powder in different grain sizes from semi-finished metal products (raw material). We offer different particle sizes to cover the following 3D printing processes: SLM (Selective Laser Melting), Electron Beam Melting (EBM) to German Electron Beam Melting and DED (Directed Energy Deposition). The particle sizes 15-45 / 53μm are suitable for the SLM. The EBM particle sizes 45-106μm and DED for the particle size 45-150μm would be the right one.

Table of common metal powders – order 3D printing metal off the shelf with short-term delivery

In the following table you can see a selection of our common materials in the form of metal powders with corresponding grain tolerances / particle sizes and request them directly from us. If you have any further questions, please contact us by e-mail or call us directly at any time.

Product list - Metal powder

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