Aluminum semi-finished products - round bars, cut pieces from plates, sheets and round bars

Aluminum in the form of plates and round bars in the relevant specifications / requirements are used in the aerospace industry, please also note our EN / AS 9120: 2018 certification, in regards to meet the highest standards of quality for the aeropsace and commercial industry.

The properties include, among other things, the high thermal conductivity, as well as the low density, which is only about one third of steel alloys. Also because of the good possibilities of processing and other properties, aluminum sheets and plates are used, amongst other things, in vehicle construction and in the manufacture of electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones. In our extensive stock of materials, we mainly supply the aluminum alloys and aluminum semi-finished products required for the aerospace industry. These include the 2000 AlCu, the 6000 aluminum-magnesium and aluminum-silicon alloys and the 7000 aluminum-zinc alloys, heat-treated according to DIN 29850. These include the frequently used aerospace alloys according to materials specification sheet such as WL 3.4144 (EN AW-7050) , WL 3.4364 (EN AW-7075), WL 3.1354 (EN AW-2024 unplated), WL 3.1364 (EN AW-2024 plated) and WL 3.3214 (EN AW-6061), which include aluminum sheets, aluminum plates and aluminum round bars.

High-quality aluminum semi-finished products - WL 3.3214 (EN AW-6061), WL 3.4364 (EN AW-7075), WL 3.1354 (EN AW-2024)

We can supply the aluminum alloys WL 3.4144 (EN AW-7050), WL 3.4364 (EN AW-7075), WL 3.1354 (EN AW-2024 unplated), WL 3.1364 (EN AW-2024 plated) and WL 3.3214 (EN AW-6061) Deliver them on short delivery time, usually 1-3 working days. Of course you will also receive from us aluminum blanks according DIN 29546, as well as aluminum sheets, aluminum cut pieces and round bars according to DIN 65113. Below we give you an overview of our stocks of aluminum semi-finished products with the respective German and international specifications. These include the standard EN AW-7075 (WL 3.4364), EN AW-7050 (WL 3.4144), EN AW-6061 (WL 3.3214) and EN AW-2024 (WL 3.1354). In our versatile repertoire you will surely find the right Aluminum for your needs. We guarantee a fast delivery and high quality materials through our certified quality management and our competent team of experts.

Aluminum alloys from robemetall - the most important aluminum alloys at a glance

Among the most common aluminum alloys we also supply the aluminum-zinc alloys, the aluminum-magnesium alloys, and the aluminum-silicon alloy AlSi1MgMn, which differ in their properties due to the addition of various other elements such as manganese. For the sake of clarity, we have listed the most important aluminum alloys in the following list.

  • EN AW-7075 (AlZn5,5MgCu) QQ-A-250/12, QQ-A-225/9, AMS 4044, AMS 4045, AMS 4049, AMS 4123, ASTM-B-209, ASTM-B-211
  • EN AW-7175 (AlZn5,5MgCu)
  • EN AW-7010 (AlZn6MgCu)
  • EN AW-7020 (AlZn4,5Mg1)
  • EN AW-7022 (AlZnMgCu0,5)
  • EN AW-7050 (AlZn6CuMgZr)
  • EN AW-6060 (AlMgSi0,5)
  • EN AW-6061 (AlMg1SiCu) QQ-A-250/11, AMS 4026, AMS 4027, ASTM-B-209
  • EN AW-6082 (AlSi1MgMn)
  • EN AW-2024 (AlCu4Mg1) QQ-A-200/3, QQ-A-225/6, QQ-A-250/4, QQ-A-250/5, AMS 4035, AMS 4037, AMS 4041, ASTM-B-209

We offer these alloys with the specifications according to WL 3.1354, WL 3.1364, WL 3.3214, WL 3.4144, WL 3.4364 and Aluminum 2017A. The various aluminum alloys are supplied as aluminum plate, aluminum sheet, aluminum round bar and customized as aluminum cut pieces. For aviation customers, we also offer the alloys EN AW 2024 and EN AW 7075 as L-profile, U-profile, T-profile and angle profile, as well as EN AW 6060 as L and angle profile. Furthermore, you will find foils and clad sheets of aluminum in our range. Depending on the requirements and the geometry, different tempering conditions exist for the aluminum alloys mentioned (for example T3, T351, T6, T651 / T6511).

    Properties of aluminum - this is why aluminum is such an important material

    Due to its low density, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, semi-finished aluminum is particularly relevant for areas in which light weight and high load-bearing capacity also make demands on the material used. By adding other alloying elements (Mg, Cu, Mn, Si), the originally relatively low strength of the pure aluminum is substantially increased and thus finds its use in aerospace applications. Aluminum is also indispensable in the automotive sector and the electronics industry. We offer our customers only high-quality semi-finished aluminum and set it to a proper storage and strict quality management, which includes both the continuous training of our competent technical team, as well as the ongoing optimization of the various work processes. Last but not least, this enables us to order your order reliably within 1-3 business days and to deliver the desired aluminum blanks quickly and according to your specifications. Our team consists of very well-trained employees who have many years of technical and commercial experience.