EN AW-7075: High-strength WL 3.4364 aluminum alloy for demanding projects

EN AW-7075 is also used in mold, tool, and fixture construction. robemetall keeps the aluminum alloy in stock in a variety of shapes and can also precisely meet individual cutting requirements.

EN AW-7075 as round rod, sheet, or plate: As an experienced metal trader, robemetall is your reliable partner for the purchase of materials according to national and international specifications!

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The short-chip alloy EN AW-7075 at a glance

EN AW-7075 is mainly used in the aerospace industry for all types of semi-finished products as well as for voltage-compatible plates in mold making and stamping tools.

The properties of WL 3.4364 at a glance

  • Very high strength (core strength decreases from a thickness of 80mm)
  • Hardenable alloy – strength can be increased enormously through heat treatment (solution annealing and subsequent hot storage)
  • Very good machinability in hardened condition
  • Very high fatigue strength
  • High-strength surface suitable for structural etching
  • Excellent polishability

Restrictions for EN AW-7075

  • Low resistance to weathering as well as sea water
  • Not anodizable (exception: protective anodizing)
  • Not solderable and weldable (exception: resistance welding)

For constructions with desired high corrosion resistance and weldability, we can provide you with alternate materials such as EN AW-6061 – please contact us.

WL 3.4364 & more at robemetall – suitable aluminum alloy and semi-finished products for every design

The standard WL 3.4364 is recognized by both the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and the German Federal Office of Aviation. For your constructions we keep the aluminum alloy EN AW-7075 in stock in various delivery forms.

  • Aluminum blank
  • Aluminum sheet
  • Aluminum round blank
  • L-profile, U-profile, T-profile as well as angle section
  • WL 3.4364 round rods in all common diameters

We are also able to meet individual customer requirements at short notice, for example:

  • Aluminum plates in special cuts
  • Round rods manufactured according to your specifications (water jet cut or sawing)

With the help of the selected heat treatment, different temper states and thus different properties can be achieved for the aluminum alloy. At robemetall you can obtain the following T-stages:

  • EN AW-7075-T0 or WL 3.4364-T0
  • EN AW-7075-T6 resp. WL 3.4364-T6
  • EN AW-7075-T7351 resp. WL 3.4364-T7351
  • EN AW-7075-T73511 resp. WL 3.4364-T73511

In addition to the EN AW-7075 aluminum alloy, we also keep other alloys and semi-finished products in stock as sheets, plates as well as round rods. Thanks to our modern sawing center, we are able to supply you with these in any shape and dimension on request.

Aluminum aside from WL 3.4364 from robemetall:

  • WL 3.4144 (EN AW-7050)
  • WL 3.1354 (EN AW-2024 unclad)
  • WL 3.1364 (EN AW-2024 clad)
  • WL 3.3214 (EN AW-6061)

Our experts are happy to assist you in purchasing EN-AW 7075 (WL 3.4364) and other semi-finished products as well as aluminum alloys. Contact us via our contact form or by phone at 06033 / 92 89 90 to discuss your individual application requirements and material inquiries.


Si [%] Fe [%] Cu [%] Mn [%] Mg [%] Cr [%] Zn [%] Ti [%] other [%]
≤0,4 ≤0,5 1,2-2 ≤0,3 2,1-2,9 0,18-0,28 5,1-6,1 ≤0,2 ≤0,05


Material a in mm Sample direction 0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strenght [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Hardness [HB]
6 ≤ a ≤ 25 L / LT 390 480 7 130
25 ≤ a ≤ 40 L / LT 390 470 6 130
40 ≤ a ≤ 63 L / LT 370 460 6 130
63 ≤ a ≤ 80 L / LT 350 440 6 130
80 ≤ a ≤ 100 L / LT 340 420 6 130


Cross-section [mm2] 0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strenght [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Hardness [HB]
≤ 2000 420 480 7 130
2000 ≤ x ≤ 8000 410 480 7 130

Specialized partner for the purchase of EN AW-7075 and other materials: robemetall is your metal trader for high-performance materials

robemetall looks back on more than 35 years in the steel and metal trading industry. The experience gained during this time is the basis for our services, which we continuously improve. As a result, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for purchasing departments – we quickly find the suitable solution for every inquiry and can prepare a customized offer.

You too can rely on the strengths of our company when purchasing EN AW-7075 and other materials.

  • Everything from one source: No matter what material you need – robemetall has the right answer. For your projects we not only stock aluminum alloys such as EN AW-7075 (WL 3.4364), but also steel (e.g., 17-4 PH), titanium (e.g., Titanium Grade 2) and special materials such as INVAR 36. Our extensive range of products relieves you of the burden of purchasing – you have a contact for all high-performance materials.
  • Aerospace certification according to EN 9120:2018: With our certification according to EN 9120:2018, we are a good choice for all companies in the aerospace industry. To achieve this, we undergo extensive annual audits to ensure that all aspects of our process and quality management meet the industry's stringent requirements.
  • International specifications: Whether Titanium Grade 5 or WL 3.4364 – we offer materials of the highest quality. Thanks to our global network, we can also reliably meet international standard requirements. Whether you need materials to a specific American or French specification, we can provide the solution.
  • Professional handling: Our service is designed to meet your material requirements professionally and promptly. Due to our extensive stockholding, strong network, and optimized logistics processes, you will receive WL 3.4364 and other materials in the shortest possible time.
  • Experienced contact persons: robemetall employees are experts in their field and will gladly assist you in your material purchase. We advise you on all options according to your needs and guarantee the highest customer satisfaction thanks to our excellent service.

Do you have any questions about our services, or do you need EN AW-7075 (WL 3.4364) in a specific delivery form? Contact us by phone at 06033 / 92 89 90, via our contact form or by e-mail – we look forward to your inquiry!


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