EN AW-6061: The medium-strength aluminum alloy WL 3.3214 for versatile applications

As a semi-finished product, aluminum offers various advantages such as low density, high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Given this fact, it is particularly relevant for areas in which low weight combined with high loading capacity is crucial. The strength of pure aluminum can be increased by adding alloying elements or via heat treatment.

The aluminum alloy EN-AW-6061 is one of the most frequently used wrought aluminum alloys as a component of the AlMgSi alloys: WL 3.3214 is used in vehicle, ship, boiler, and tank construction as well as for defense technology or aerospace. Furthermore, the material is used in electronic devices such as laptops or smartphones. robemetall stocks EN AW-6061 in a variety of shapes, so we can also meet individual cutting requirements precisely and quickly.

EN AW-6061 at robemetall: Purchase the aluminum wrought alloy WL 3.3214 from a reliable partner for high-performance materials – we cover your material requirements according to national and international standards!

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The wrought aluminum alloy EN AW-6061 at a glance

The wide range of applications for EN AW-6061, from food packaging and electronic products to aerospace components, is due to the material's various advantages. WL 3.3214 is used particularly frequently in the United States.

The advantages of EN AW-6061 at a glance

  • Good formability
  • Very good weldability for a wide range of processes
  • First-class coatability and good technical anodizability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Hardenable alloy – strength can be increased by heat treatment

Limitations of WL 3.3214

  • Moderate surface finish
  • More difficult to extrude than other grades
  • Deformability decreases with increased solidification or hardening

If you are looking for alternatives with better surface properties, we can also provide you with EN AW-7075 among other materials – we will be happy to advise you!

WL 3.3214 & more at robemetall – The right aluminum alloy in stock for every material request

We offer EN AW-6061 in all commercially available temper states and specifications:

  • WL 3.3214, DIN EN 573-3
  • DIN EN 755-2
  • AMS 4027, ASTM B 209 or
  • AMS 4027-QQ-A-250/11

WL 3.3214 is approved by both the German Federal Aviation Authority and the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement. We keep the aluminum wrought alloy in various delivery forms in stock:

  • Aluminum sheets and blanks
  • Aluminum tubes
  • L-, U- and T-sections as well as angle sections
  • Round rods in all common diameters

Thanks to saw or water jet cutting in our modern sawing center, we can offer our customers EN AW-6061 in individual cuts as required. In addition, we can also provide EN AW-6061 as metal powder according to your specifications.

Depending on the heat treatment, several annealing states with different properties can be produced. We keep the aluminum alloy in different variants in stock for you:

  • EN AW-6061-T0 resp. WL 3.3214-T0
  • EN AW-6061-T4 resp. WL 3.3214-T4
  • EN AW-6061-T6 resp. WL 3.3214-T6
  • EN AW-6061-T651 resp. WL 3.3214-T651

As a reliable supplier of high-performance materials, we also stock various other semi-finished aluminum products and alloys – these can be adapted to the shapes and dimensions you require.

Further aluminum materials from robemetall:

  • WL 3.4144 (EN AW-7050)
  • WL 3.4364 (EN AW-7075)
  • WL 3.1354 (EN AW-2024 unclad)
  • WL 3.1364 (EN AW-2024 clad)

We will gladly assist you with our expertise – discuss your individual requirements with us. You can reach us by phone at 06033 / 92 89 90 or via our contact form!


Si[%] Fe[%] Cu[%] Mn[%] Mg[%] Cr[%] Zn[%] Ti[%] other[%]
0,4-0,8 ≤0,7 0,15-0,4 ≤0,15 0,8-1,2 0,04-0,35 ≤0,25 ≤0,15 ≤0,05


    0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strenght [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Hardness [HB]
T0 rolled ≤80 ≤150 14 40
T4 rolled 110 210 14 60
T6 rolled 240 290 8 90


    0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strength [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Hardness [HB]
T4 drawn 100 210 18 60
T6 drawn 245 290 9 90
T651 drawn 245 290 9 90
T6511 drawn 245 270 9 90

Rely on robemetall for your purchase of EN AW-6061 (WL 3.3214): We are your partner for high-performance materials

Our success story of more than 35 years does not come by chance: As an experienced metal trader we offer our customers a wide product portfolio, high quality standards and a speedy handling of every material request. We see ourselves as the extended arm of your purchasing department – benefit from our strengths with your order of EN AW-6061 (WL 3.3214) and more!

  • All materials from one source: Whether EN AW-6061, 15-5 PH, Invar 36 or another high-performance material – at robemetall you will find the right solution for every request. We offer not only materials according to national but also international standards – so you have one fixed contact for every material requirement.
  • Aerospace certification according to EN 9120:2018: Our certification as well as the annual audits according to EN 9120:2018 ensure that we reliably meet the high requirements of the aerospace industry with superior process and quality management.
  • Needs-based consulting: All our employees have the relevant expertise and can advise you individually on the various material options for your project.
  • Professional processing: Thanks to our extensive warehousing, our excellent network as well as our optimized logistics, we ensure that you receive your required materials such as EN AW-6061 in a professional and timely manner.

Do you still have questions about our range of products, or do you need the aluminum alloy WL 3.3214 in specific dimensions or shapes? Discuss this with us by phone at 06033 / 92 89 90, contact us by e-mail or via our contact form – we look forward to your inquiry!


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