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Titanium semi-finished products made of grade 5 titanium, grade 2 titanium and other titanium alloys

Robemetall GmbH delivers fast and reliable Titanium Grade 5 (Ti6Al4V, 3.7164.1, AMS 4928, AMS 4911, MIL-T-9047), Titanium Grade 2 (ASTM-B 348, ASTM-B 265) and other titanium alloys for the Aerospace industry and its suppliers, as well as for the industrial sector for commercial application.

Titanium and titanium alloys are widely used materials because of their excellent properties. Especially when high strength and weight savings are required, especially in the aerospace industry. Titanium alloys also have high hot workability and good weldability. The melting temperature range is around 1,650 degrees Celsius. Titanium is one of the so-called non-ferrous metals, which have a lower density than ferrous metals. Thus, it is an ideal lightweight material, which is mainly used in the aerospace industry. In addition, a wide variety of titanium alloys are used in the chemical, medical, motor sports and offshore industries.

As a dealer in the aerospace industry, we meet the highest standards and requirements and have the corresponding EN 9120:2018 certification. From our extensive material and semi-finished products we offer bearings in addition to steel and aluminum qualities, various titanium qualities. Roundbars grade 2 to ASTM-B 348 (3.7035) and titanium alloys grade 5 round to multi-specification Ti6Al4V, 3.7164.1, AMS 4928, MIL-T-9047. We stock plates and plates in Grade 1 and Grade 2 according to ASTM-B 265 and Grade 5 according to 3.7164.1 and AMS 4911. Thus, we can guarantee you a reliable and short delivery time of about 1-3 working days. Our titanium alloys and versions are always available as a complete manufacturing length or on request in cut pieces. In our semi-finished stock are the most common dimensions. Round titanium grade 5 according to Ti6Al4V and material number WL 3.7164 in .1 solution annealed, we store from 5 mm round to 400 mm round. Round titanium Grade 1 and Titanium Grade 2, according to ASTM-B348 with the material numbers 3.7025, WL 3.7024 acc. AMS, 3.7035 and WL 3.7034 according to AMS 4902. The WL 3.7164 and AMS 4928, AMS 4911 of Titan Grade 5 Ti6Al4V is the specification for use in the aerospace industry. The 3.7165 for the Titan Grade 5, according to ASTM-B348, refers to industrial use.

Learn more about the different types of titanium and titanium alloys from our range, as well as the comprehensive designs of semi-finished products such as rods, sheets, forgings, plates, tubes and titanium screws, threaded rods, which we also individually picked saws, water jet cutting and especially at short delivery time.

Titanium grade 5 semi-finished products according to WL 3.7164, AMS 4928, AMS 4911

Titanium Grade 5 TI6AL4V according to 3.7164, 3.7164.1, MIL-T-9047, AMS 4928 and 4911, ASTM-B 348 is one of the most commonly used titanium alloys. Here you will find the Titan Grade 5 to WL 3.7164 (Ti6Al4V - LW ​​+ ELI) as titanium round rod, titanium sheet, titanium plate, forged part, titanium tube, titanium wire, titanium screw and titanium ingots. In addition, we carry titanium grade 5 according to multi-specification (Titanium Grade 5, Ti6Al4V, annealed, WL 3.7164.1 part 2-1990, AMS 4928, according to MIL-T-9047, ultrasonically tested to AMS 2631D Class A1, AA, tolerance to AMS 2241 sheet 8 and Baker Hughes TI04 specification). Titanium grade 5 is well suited for casting, as a forged and otherwise processed material it is used wherever high corrosion resistance and high strength with low weight is needed. Titanium grade 5 is a titanium alloy with about 6% aluminum and about 4% vanadium, which is why it is also called Ti6Al4V. Under the German name WL 3.7164 it is used for the aerospace sector, for the industry, the designation 3.7165 acc. ASTM-B 348. Available in our Semi-Finished Products warehouse in Rockenberg, Grade 5, Grade 1, Grade 2 and other Titanium alloys are in stock. With our comprehensive quality management, resulting from our aeronautical approval according to EN / AS 9120: 2018, we always ensure the proper storage and handling of our stocks. The quality concept is the basis of our work to supply you with high-quality titanium and titanium alloys in any form.

Titanium Grade 2 semi-finished products according to ASTM-B 348 and ASTM-B 265 (3.7035) and other titanium alloys

Titanium grade 1 and titanium grade 2 according to ASTM-B348 in round dimensions / ASTM-B265 as sheets, plates is also known under the material numbers 3.7025, WL 3.7024, 3.7035 and WL 3.7034. Pure titanium convinces with corrosion resistance, strength and ductility. Its good weldability favors the possibilities of processing in a positive way. Our assortment includes all common titanium grade 1 and titanium grade 2 (3.7035 and others) semi-finished products such as titanium sheets and titanium plates, pure titanium forgings, round titanium and titanium screws and threaded rods as well as titanium tubes. In these semi-finished molds we also offer the pure titanium grades Grade 3 and Titanium Grade 4, as well as the alloys Grade 7 and Grade 9 in addition to the two most commonly used Titanium Grade 1 and Grade 2. These titanium alloys, if not stored, can be procured at short delivery time as needed. Our stocks are stored in accordance with the respective classifications ASTM B 348, ASTM B 265, ASTM B 348 F 67 and ASTM F 136.

Properties of titanium and titanium alloys

Pure titanium as well as titanium alloys find particular application in various hi-tech areas, where exceptionally high demands on the properties are required. The special properties of titanium include corrosion resistance, strength and low weight. Titanium and its titanium alloys withstand extreme loads and external influences, thus outperforming other light metals such as aluminum, depending on the area of application. Therefore, titanium alloys are being used in aerospace and offshore industries where special strength, longevity and weight are critical factors. Furthermore, titanium is found in the automotive industry, in racing, the chemical industry and also widely used in medical technology, such as in the form of implants.