Titanium Grade 5: The titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloy 3.7164 (TI6AL4V) for high requirements

Originally designed for aerospace, Titanium Grade 5 is now the most commonly used titanium alloy in many industries. Above all, the good interaction of high strength with low density is decisive for the versatile application possibilities of 3.7164 (TI6AL4V) in plant and mechanical engineering, the chemical industry, medical technology, and other sectors. robemetall offers you the titanium grade 5 alloy both according to the German standard 3.7164 and the US standards AMS 4911 as well as AMS 4928 in the most diverse delivery forms for your work – cover your material requirements quickly and professionally with our metal trade.

Benefit from the strengths of an experienced trade expert when ordering Titanium Grade 5 (3.7164): robemetall is your reliable partner for TI6AL4V and many other high-performance materials!

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The properties of Titanium Grade 5 TI6AL4V at a glance

Grade 3.7164, specified according to quality AMS 4911/ AMS 4928, has established itself as the most widely used alpha-beta alloy. Titanium Grade 5 is used for components in high-tech applications in sectors such as aerospace, defense, and medical technology, and is also used in energy technology (onshore and offshore), engine technology and sports accessories. This wide range of use is made possible by the impressive properties of TI6AL4V.

  • Excellent combination of high strength and good toughness at low density
  • Excellent corrosion resistance due to very well adhering oxide coating
  • Very good heat resistance
  • Good weldability and hot formability
  • High resistance to metal fatigue
  • High resistance to crack formation and propagation
  • Excellent biocompatibility

In addition to TI6AL4V Titanium Grade 5 (3.7164), robemetall has other titanium alloys such as Titanium Grade 2 in its product range. Our experts will advise you on the use of these materials – please contact us!

3.7164 Titanium alloy and other high-performance materials – the right solution for every requirement

Whatever high-performance material you need – robemetall has the right material solution. For example, we stock Titanium Grade 5 (3.7164) in various delivery forms:

  • Titanium plates and sheets (according to 3.7164 as well as AMS 4911)
  • Titanium tube
  • Titanium round rod (according to 3.7164 as well as AMS 4928)
  • Titanium wire and screws
  • Forged parts
  • Titanium ingots

In order to meet your specific material requirements in the best possible way, we can cut plates and sheets to size according to your specifications in our modern sawing center using water jet cutting or various sawing methods. Additionally, we are also able to trim the titanium round rods, which are available in diameters from 5mm - 400mm, to the dimensions you require.

For inquiries regarding other high-performance materials, robemetall also provides the right solution with its comprehensive portfolio. In addition to Titanium Grade 5 we offer:

We can meet specific requirements according to international standards (SAE AMS, BS, AFNOR and more) quickly and reliably. Discuss your material requirements with our specialists – we will prepare an individual offer for you!


  0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strenght [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Hardness [HB30]
T1 ≥830 ≥895 ≥10 ≤310


  0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strenght [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Hardness [HB30]
T1 ≥830 ≥895 ≥10 ≤310


  0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strenght [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Hardness [HB30]
T1 ≥830 ≥895 ≥10 ≤310

Qualified partner for Titanium Grade 5 & more: robemetall is your metal specialist trader

As a metal specialized trade of many years, it is our aim to offer you a wide range of products for your material requirements. In doing so, robemetall sees itself as the extended arm of your purchasing department – with prime quality and a reliable service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Your advantages when purchasing Titanium Grade 5 (3.7164) and other materials at robemetall:

  • All materials from a single source: Whatever high-performance material you need for your designs – from TI6AL4V Titanium Grade 5 (3.7164) and steel alloys to semi-finished aluminum products such as EN AW-7075 or metal powder for adaptive pressure, we offer you all materials from a single source. Thanks to our international network, we can also respond quickly to requests for international standards – this considerably minimizes your ordering effort.
  • Aerospace certification according to EN 9120:2018: As a strong partner for the aerospace industry, we meet the highest process and quality requirements. This is proven by our certification according to EN 9120:2018, which we have confirmed in annual audits. For you, this means maximum security in your material purchasing.
  • Qualified advice: You can send your material inquiries directly to robemetall via our product lists. Our highly trained experts are available at any time to answer your questions regarding the selection and use of materials. With professional know-how and years of experience in the metal industry, we ensure that your requirements are met perfectly.
  • Professional handling: The fast and professional processing of your material requests is a core competence of robemetall. We will send you a transparent quotation at fair market prices within one working day and guarantee fast delivery thanks to our generous storage facilities, an international network and optimized logistics processes.

Do you have additional questions regarding our services, or do you need TI6AL4V Titanium Grade 5 (3.7164) in specific shapes or standards? Contact us by phone at 06033 / 92 89 90, by e-mail or via our contact form – we look forward to your inquiry!


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