Titanium Grade 2: Technically pure 3.7035 titanium material for demanding designs

In the high-tech sector, special requirements apply to the properties of the materials used. In terms of their resistance to external influences, pure titanium and titanium alloy significantly outperform other light metals such as EN AW-7075 and are therefore frequently utilized. Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035) not only has good corrosion resistance but also an excellent balance of strength and ductility. At robemetall you can obtain 3.7035 Titanium Grade 2 quickly and reliably in a wide variety of shapes.

Your partner for high-performance materials: Rely on robemetall's professional service for your order of Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035)!

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Titanium Grade 2 – The properties of unalloyed titanium at a glance

The material 3.7035 is not only used in aerospace, but also in plant engineering, the chemical industry as well as in the medical sector and motor sports. This is due to the various outstanding properties which grade 2 titanium offers:

  • High corrosion resistance in strongly oxidizing as well as low-reduction environments.
  • Very high resistance to salt water, marine atmosphere as well as various corrosive substances
  • Excellent strength-to-density ratio – strong material for weight-saving designs
  • Excellent biocompatibility – ideal for use in medical applications
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Very good weldability

In addition to Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035), we can also provide you with other semi-finished products and titanium alloys such as Titanium Grade 5 – feel free to discuss your material requirements with our experts!

3.7035 Titanium Grade 2 & more: robemetall supplies the right solutions for every material request

As a raw material supplier, robemetall's goal is to provide the right solution for every requirement. Therefore, we keep the titanium material 3.7035 (Titanium Grade 2) in different forms in stock:

  • Titanium sheet and plate
  • Round rod and titanium tube
  • Forging & titanium ingots
  • Titanium wire
  • Titanium screw

We do not only stock titanium grade 2 according to standard 3.7035, but also provide multi-specifications such as ASTM-B 348 and ASTM-B 265 for you.

On request, we can also cut your titanium sheets and plates to your own specifications – for this we use waterjet cutting and high-performance saws. You also have the option to receive the 3.7035 round bars, which are available in common diameters, specifically cut according to your individual specifications – just contact us.

In addition to pure titanium and titanium alloys such as titanium grade 2 (3.7035) and titanium grade 5 (3.7164.1), robemetall has other high-performance materials in stock to cover all your material needs:

  • Stainless steel & steel alloys, e.g., 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, 13-8 Mo
  • Aluminum semi-finished products such as EN AW-2024 (clad and unclad), EN AW-7075
  • Special materials, including Invar® 36 and Invar® 42
  • Spherical metal powder in any desired material specification for 3D printing

Contact us and discuss your individual material requirements for Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035) and other materials with our specialists – we will provide you with an individual offer at market conditions!


Ti[%] Fe[%] O[%] N[%] C[%] H[%]
Main ingredient ≤0,3 ≤0,25 ≤0,03 ≤0,08 ≤0,015


  0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strenght [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Härte [HB30]
T1 ≥275 ≥345 ≥20 ≤150


  0,2% Yield point [N/mm2] Tensile strenght [N/mm2] Elongation at break A5 [%] Härte [HB30]
T1 ≥275 275-450 ≥20 ≤150

Individual assistance for your material purchase: robemetall is your reliable partner for Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035)

Customer satisfaction is robemetall's top priority – to achieve this, we do not only convince our customers with a wide range of products and high-quality standards, but our service and process management are also designed to meet all your material requirements quickly, professionally, and reliably. As the extended arm of your purchasing department, we are always at your side with professional know-how, strong services, and maximum reliability.

Strong support for your purchasing department when ordering Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035) – your advantages with robemetall:

  • Everything from one source: Whether Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035), the aluminum alloy EN AW-7075 or metal powders for additive manufacturing – we cover all your material requirements. You also receive your materials according to international specifications such as the SAE/AMS index, the French AFNOR standard and more – with our many years of expertise and a large network, we sustainably relieve your purchasing department.
  • Aerospace certification according to EN 9120:2018: As a reliable partner for aerospace companies, robemetall meets all standards for TÜV certification according to EN 9120:2018, with our process and quality management being audited annually to guarantee maximum security for your purchase.
  • Reliable professional processing: With our elaborate storage, an international network, our in-house sawing center as well as optimized logistics, we can react even to short-term requirements for Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035) and other materials. Given this fact, we can always guarantee rapid and reliable handling of your orders.
  • Competent advice: If required, our highly trained specialists are available to provide you with individual advice. Our many years of experience in the industry make sure that we can identify the best solution for every requirement and provide it as part of a market-oriented offer.

Would you like to learn more about our competencies, or do you need Titanium Grade 2 in a specific delivery forms? Contact us – we are available by phone at 06033 / 92 89 90, by e-mail and via our contact form at any time!


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