Steel profiles and semi-finished steel products for the aerospace industry and commercial applications

We offer a wide assortment of different stainless steels and steel alloys. As a dealer for aerospace, we meet the highest requirements and have an EN / AS 9120: 2018 certification. We have a huge product portfolio of semi-finished steel products that are designed for the aerospace industry and meet the high demands of these industry.

Numerous types of steel in the form of various semi-finished products such as steel plates, steel sheets, round steel are available in our material warehouse. Furthermore, we can offer you blanks (cut pieces) such as blanks to your desired size. Thus, we are able to deliver your needs reliably and on short delivery time within 1-3 business days. These include, of course, the most common steel grades: 17-4 PH according to WL 1.4548, 1.4548.4 and 1.4548.9 or AMS 5643, 13-8 Mo according to WL 1.4534, 1.4534.3 and 1.4534.9 and 15-5 PH according to WL 1.4545 , 1.4545.4, 1.4545.9 and AMS 5659 respectively.

In addition, we offer WL 1.4044.5, 1.4044.6, 1.4314, 1.4324, 1.4544, 1.4944, 1.7734, and 1.6604, also Inconel 718 to WL 2.4668 and Invar 36 or Alloy 36, 1.3912, Invar 42, 1.3917 Alloy 42, Kovar and many more stainless steel alloys. In the following, we would like to take a closer look at our range of different types of steel and aerospace alloys and present our special delivery options for high-quality semi-finished steel products such as steel profiles, round steel and steel blanks in accordance with various national and international standards and specifications. In addition to the presented steels, we can also offer you various heat treatment conditions via one of our certified heat treatment partners.

Most common aerospace steel alloys at a glance

  • WL 1.4545.9 (15-5PH Cond. A)
  • WL 1.4545.3 (15-5PH Cond. H1100)
  • WL 1.4545.4 (15-5PH Cond. H1025)
  • WL 1.4545.5 (15-5PH Cond. H925)
  • WL 1.4545.6 (15-5PH Cond. H900)
  • WL 1.4548.9 (17-4PH, Cond. A)
  • WL 1.4548.3 (17-4PH Cond. H1100)
  • WL 1.4548.4 (17-4PH Cond. H1025)
  • WL 1.4548.5 (17-4PH Cond. H925)
  • WL 1.4548.6 (17-4 PH Cond. H900)
  • WL 1.4534.3 (PH 13-8Mo Cond. H1100)
  • WL 1.4534.4 (PH 13-8Mo Cond. H1050)
  • WL 1.4534.5 (PH 13-8Mo Cond. H1000)
  • WL 1.4534.6 (PH 13-8Mo Cond. H 950)

Steel according to SAE-AMS and other specifications

Our particular strength lies in the procurement of semi-finished products according to the US specifications (according to the SAE-AMS index / ASTM, QQ-A, WW-T). These include, for example, specifications such as: 17-4 PH acc. AMS 5643, 17-4 PH acc. AMS 5622, 15-5 PH acc. AMS 5659, 15-5 PH acc. AMS 5862, PH 13-8MO acc. AMS 5629, 440C acc. AMS 5630 and AMS 5618 and Alloy A-286 acc. AMS 5731, AMS 5732 and AMS 5737 and Maraging 250 acc. AMS 6512 and Maraging 300 acc. 6514.

We also offer sheets of aerospace alloys such as WL 1.4544 as well as sheets and plates from US stock: AISI 301 ¼ hard acc. AMS 5517, AISI 301 ½ hard acc. AMS 5518, AISI 301 fully hard acc. AMS 5519, sheets from AISI 302 / AISI 303 / AISI 304L, 13-8 Mo, 15-5 PH, 17-4PH, 17-7PH.

The material 1.7734 is characterized by a high yield strength and excellent weldability. 1.7734 can be welded in both states (.4 / .5) without post heat treatment. Even without subsequent tempering 1.7734 has a high strength in the weld. Rm> 980 N / mm2, grain size 5 or finer according to EN 103-71. The tubes are used up to a residual field intensity of max. 12 A / cm demagnetized.

We supply seamlessly to aviation tubes in 1.7734.4 and .5, according to LN 9369 or to the French Standard as 15CDV6 according to Air 9160 or according to US standard 4130. According to material specification sheet, in production lengths of 1 - 7 mtr., With factory acceptance test certificate according to EN 10204 / 3.1.

Further special steels according to the SAE-AMS index such as 17-4 PH (AMS 5643 and AMS 5622), 15-5 PH (AMS 5659 and 5862), PH 13-8Mo (AMS 5629), 440C (AMS 5630 and AMS 5618 ), as well as Alloy A-286 acc. AMS 5737 and Maraging 250 acc. AMS 6512 and Maraging 300 acc. AMS 6514 are available at our factory warehouse with a short delivery time. Aircraft alloys acc. AMS 5517, AMS 5518, AMS 5519 from AISI 301 ¼ hard, AISI 301 ½ hard and AISI 301 fully hard are available as plates, plates and as slit strip. Furthermore, steel sheets made of AISI 302, AISI 303, AISI 304L or 13-8 Mo, 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH and 17-7 PH are available.

Round steel for the aerospace industry such as seamless drawn tubes out of 1.7734.4 and 1.7734.5 according to the specification LN 9369 or 15CDV6 according to the French Standard acc. Air 9160C or according to the American standard Alloy 4130 are stocked in our factory warehouse. For the commercial sector, we also stock seamlessly drawn 25CrMo4, 1.7218 tubes.

Order high-quality semi-finished steel products from robemetall GmbH - Your advantages with us

If you have not found the required steel grade or steel alloy in our semi-finished product range, you can still contact us. robemetall GmbH is an EN 9120: 2018 certified supplier for the aerospace industry. Our employees have decades of experience in the procurement of technical materials and provide you with expert advice on your procurement issues. Thanks to our certified modern warehouse and sawing center, robemetall GmbH is always characterized by market-oriented, innovative thinking and action. You can be sure that our steel semi-finished products, such as our steel sheets, steel profiles, round steel, are stored properly and can usually be delivered to you within 1-3 working days.