Carbon - Steel according SAE / AMS - Specification

5010Alloy 1212Steel Bars Free Machining, Cold DrawnG 12120./.Send
5020Alloy 11L37Steel Bars, Forgings and TubingG 11374./.Send
5022Alloy 1117Steel Bars, Forgings and Tubing, Free CuttingG 11170./.Send
5024Alloy 1137Steel Bars, Forgings and Tubing, Free CuttingG 11370./.Send
5025Wrought AlloySteel-Free Cutting Manganese (Heat Treated)./../.Send
5027Alloy D6ACSteel, Welding, Wire K 22925./.Send
5028Alloy D6ACSteel, Welding, Wire K 23725./.Send
5029Wrought AlloySteel, Welding, Wire K 33517./.Send
5030Wrought AlloySteeel, Welding, WireK 00606./.Send
5031Alloy S6013Welding Electrodes, Covered, SteelW 06013FED-QQ-E-450, Type 6013Send
5032Alloy 1020Wire, Steel, AnnealedG 10200FED-QQ-W-461Send
5033Wrought AlloySteel, Wire, Zinc Coated./../.Send
5034Alloy 4130Steel, Welding WireG 41300./.Send
5035Wrought AlloySteel, Welding WireK 23015./.Send
5036Wrought AlloySteel Sheet and Strip./../.Send
5040Alloy 1010Steel, Sheet and StripG10100./.Send
5041Wrought AlloySteeel, Sheet and Strip./../.Send
5042Alloy 1010Steel, Sheet and StripG 10100./.Send
5043Wrought AlloySteel, Sheet and Strip./../.Send
5044Alloy 1010Steel, Sheet and StripG 10100./.Send
5045Alloy 1020Steel, Sheet and StripG 10200./.Send
5046Alloy 1020Carbon Steel, Sheet, Strip and PlateG 10200MIL-S-7952Send
5047Alloy 1010Steel, Sheet and StripG 10100./.Send
5050Alloy 1010Steel Tubing, SeamlessG 10100./.Send
5053Alloy 1010Steel Tubing, WeldedG 10100./.Send
5060Alloy 1015Steel, Bars, Forgings an TubingG 10150./.Send
5061Wrought AlloySteel, Low Carbon, Bars and WireK 00802./.Send
5062Wrought AlloySteel, Low Carbon Bars, Forgings, Tubing, Sheet, StripK 02508./.Send
5069Alloy 1018Steel, Bars, Forgings an TubingG 10180./.Send
5070Alloy 1022Steel, Bars, ForgingsG 10220./.Send
5075Wrought AlloySteel Tubing, SeamlessG 10250MIL-T-5066Send
5077Alloy 1025Steel Tubing, WeldedG 10250MIL-T-5066Send
5080Alloy 1035Steel, Bars, Forgings, and TubingG 10350./.Send
5082Alloy 1035Steel, Tubing, SeamlessG 10350./.Send
5085Alloy 1050Steel, Sheet, Strip and Plate G 10500./.Send
5110Alloy 1080Carbon Steel, Wire and SpringsG 10800./.Send
5112Alloy 1090Carbon Steel, Wire and Springs Spring Quality Music WireG 10900./.Send
5115Alloy 1070Wire, Carbon SteelG 10700./.Send
5120Alloy 1074Steel, StripG 10740./.Send
5121Alloy 1095Steel, Sheet and StripG 10950MIL-S-7947Send
5122Alloy 1095Steel Strip, Hard TemperG 10950MIL-S-7947, Hard TemperSend
5132Alloy 1095Steel BarsG 10950./.Send