INVAR® 36: The special material 1.3912 – Alloy 36 impresses with low expansion properties

Invar® 36, also known as Alloy 36, is an iron-based alloy with 36% nickel content. Thanks to its extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, the special material 1.3912 is ideal for precision components and applications with critical dimensional stability. The range of applications for Invar® 36 is wide: It is used for valves in engine construction as well as in components for laser systems or in aerospace applications. At robemetall you can obtain the material 1.3912 reliably and quickly in various delivery forms – we also help with individual dimensional requirements.

Invar® 36: Order your 1.3912 rods, sheets and plates from your reliable partner for high-performance materials – robemetall offers you the right solution for every request!

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Invar® 36 (1.3912) – The iron-nickel alloy Alloy 36 at a glance

The low-expansion iron-nickel alloy Invar® 36 offers a versatile range of applications: The special material 1.3912 is not only used for measuring instruments or in liquid gas containers, but is also commonly utilized for laser components, cryogenic components or composite tools for aerospace technology.

The properties of Alloy 36 in detail:

  • Extremely low coefficient of expansion between -250°C and 200°C
  • Further reduction of thermal expansion possible (cold forming)
  • Stabilization of the coefficient of thermal expansion possible (multi-step heat treatment)
  • Excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures
  • Low creep strength
  • Good ductility and high viscosity
  • Melting range: 1340°C

We also stock other special materials in the nickel range with low coefficients of expansion such as Invar® 32 as well as Alloy K – contact us to select the right alloy for your project.

1.3912 & more: robemetall supplies the right material for every need

Whatever high-performance material you need for your projects – robemetall provides you with the right solution. You can obtain Invar® 36 (1.3912) from us in a wide variety of delivery forms:

  • round rods
  • sheets
  • plates

We can always adapt Alloy 36 individually to your personal requirements – we easily realize dimensionally accurate cuts as well as round rods of all diameters in our modern sawing center.

You can also purchase other materials directly from us – quickly and of excellent quality. These include the following products:

  • Titanium, e.g., titanium grades 2 and 5 as well as other titanium alloys
  • Steel such as non-rusting 17-4 PH in various grades and steel alloys
  • Aluminum alloys and semi-finished products with high robustness such as EN AW-7075 or EN AW-2024
  • High-quality spherical metal powder for 3D printer use

Our experts are happy to advise you individually on your material selection – contact us to discuss your requirements. Contact us via our contact form, by e-mail to or by phone at 06033 / 92 89 90.


Ni[%] Co[%] Mn[%] Si[%] C[%] Al[%] Mg[%] Zr[%] Ti[%] Cr[%] P[%] S[%]
36 ≤0,5 ≤0,6 ≤0,4 ≤0,05 0,1 0,1 0,1 0,1 ≤0,25 ≤0,015 ≤0,015


Density [g/cm3] Specific heat [J/Kg K] Thermal conductivity [W/m K] Electrical resistance [Ω mm2/m]
8,13 515 10,5 0,75


Hardness HB 30 [HB] 0,2 % Stretch limit Rp [N/mm2] Tensile strenght Rm [N/mm2] Strain A5 [%] Modulus of elasticity [kN/mm2]
≤ 140 ≥ 310 ≥ 490 ≥ 30 140

Your metal specialist for special materials such as Invar® 36 (1.3912) and more – robemetall is a reliable partner

With more than 35 years of experience in the metal industry, we know what is important to customers: powerful solutions for material requests, professional advice and reliable, speedy handlings. Our purchasing policy, warehousing and service are designed for a long-term partnership – you too can benefit from robemetall's services when purchasing Invar® 36 (1.3912/Alloy 36) and other high-performance materials.

See for yourself the advantages of purchasing Invar®/Alloy 36 (1.3912) and more at robemetall:

  • All materials from one source: Whether titanium grade 5, aluminum alloys or special materials such as Alloy 36 – we provide the right answer for every material request. Not only do we supply you with different materials, but individual delivery forms are also no problem thanks to our modern sawing center.
  • International standards: robemetall offers you materials according to German standards and beyond – due to our large network we can also reliably fulfill orders that comply with international standards.
  • Aviation certification according to EN 9120:2018: We are certified according to EN 9120 and undergo comprehensive audits every year to verify the high quality of our process management. This makes us the proven reliable dealer for aerospace companies.
  • Fast handling: As a metal distributor for 1.3912 (Invar® 36), titanium, steel, and aluminum materials, we rely on generous stockholding, reliable network partners and optimized logistics to handle your order quickly and professionally.
  • Professional consulting: Our competent employees have many years of experience in the metal industry and are continuously educating themselves. This enables us to guarantee professional as well as needs-based advice and to provide you with optimum support in procurement matters.

Do you have any questions regarding our services or would you like to make a material inquiry for Invar® 36? Contact us – we look forward to your inquiry!


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