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Titanium - Specifications according SAE / AMS - Index

4897Titanium Alloy - 77TI15MO3.0AL2.8Cb0.20SISheet, Strip, Plate./../.Send
4898Titanium Alloy - 6AL2SN2ZR2MO2CR0.15SISheet./../.Send
4899Titanium Alloy - 4.5AL3V2FE2MOSheet, Strip, Plate./../.Send
4900Titanium Alloy - Com. PureSheet, Strip, PlateR50550MIL-T-9046, Type 1, Comp. CSend
4901Titanium Alloy - Com. PureSheet, Strip, PlateR50700MIL-T-9046, Type 1, Comp. BSend
4902Titanium Alloy - Com. PureSheet, Strip, PlateR50400MIL-T-9046, Type 1, Comp. ASend
4905Titanium Alloy - 6AL4V BetaDamage-Tolerant Grade PlateR56400./.Send
4906Titanium Alloy - 6AL4V BetaSheet, Strip./../.Send
4907Titanium Alloy - 6.0AL4.0VSheet, Strip, PlateR56401MIL-T-9046, Type III, Comp. DSend
4908Titanium Alloy - 8 MNSheet, StripR56080./.Send
4909Titanium Alloy - 5AL2.5SNSheet, Strip, PlateR54521MIL-T-9046, Type II, Comp. BSend
4910Titanium Alloy - 5AL2.5SNSheet, Strip, PlateR54520MIL-T-9046Send
4911Titanium Alloy - 6AL4V Sheet, Strip, PlateR56400MIL-T-9046, Type III, Comp. CSend
4912Titanium Alloy - 4AL3MO1VSheet, Strip Solution Heat Treated./../.Send
4913Titanium Alloy - 4AL3MO1VSheet, Strip Solution and Precipitation Treated./../.Send
4914Titanium Alloy - 15V3AL3CR3SNSheet, Strip, Cold RolledR58153./.Send
4915Titanium Alloy - 8AL1V1MOSheet, Strip, PlateR54810MIL-T-9046, Type II, Comp. FSend
4916Titanium Alloy - 8AL1MO1VSheet, Strip, Plate - Duplex AnnealedR54810MIL-T-9046, Type II, Comp. FSend
4917Titanium Alloy - 13-11-3Sheet, Strip, Plate - Solution Heat TreatedR58010MIL-T-9046, Type IV, Comp. ASend
4918Titanium Alloy - 6AL6V2SNSheet, Strip, Plate - AnnealedR56620MIL-T-9046, B-3, 6AL-6V-2SNSend
4916Titanium Alloy - 6AL2SN4ZR2MOSheet, Strip, Plate - Duplex AnnealedR54620MIL-T-9046, Type III, Comp. GSend
4920Titanium Alloy - 6AL4V Forgings Alpha-Beta Processed, AnnealedR56400./.Send
4921Titanium Alloy - Com. PureBars, Wire, Forgings, RingsR50700MIL-T-9047Send
4922Titanium Alloy - 15V3.0CR3.0AL3.0SNSeamless Hydraulic Tubing - Cold Worked and Precipitation Heat Treated./../.Send
4923Titanium Alloy - 2CR2FE2MO Bars, Forgings./../.Send
4924Titanium Alloy - 5AL2.5SNBars, Forgings, Rings - Extra Low Interst.R54521MIL-T-9047, Comp. 3Send
4925Titanium Alloy - 4AL4MNBars, Forgings./../.Send
4926Titanium Alloy - 5AL2.5SNBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - AnnealedR54520MIL-T-9047, Comp 2Send
4927Titanium Alloy - 5CR3ALAlloy./../.Send
4928Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - AnnealedR56400MIL-T-9047Send
4929Titanium Alloy - 5.4AL1.4CR1.3FE1.25MOAlloy./../.Send
4930Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - Annealed - Extra Low Interst.R56401MIL-T-9047, 6AL-4V ELISend
4931Titanium Alloy - 6AL4V ELIBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - Annealed - Extra Low Interst.- Duplex AnnealedR56400MIL-T-9047Send
4932Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VDriver SheetR56400./.Send
4933Titanium Alloy - 8AL1MO1VExtrusions and Flash Welded RingsR54810./.Send
4934Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VExtrusions and Flash Welded Rings - AgedR56400MIL-T-81556Send
4935Titanium Alloy - 6AL4V - BetaExtrusions and Flash Welded RingsR56400./.Send
4936Titanium Alloy - 6AL6V2SN - BetaExtrusions and Flash Welded Rings - Annealed + Heat TreatableR56620MIL-T-81556, Alloy AB-3Send
4937Titanium Alloy - 6AL6V2SN - BetaExtrusions and Flash Welded Rings - Annealed + Heat TreatableR56620./.Send
4938Titanium Alloy Alloy./../.Send
4941Titanium Alloy - Com. PureTubing, Welded, AnnealedR50400./.Send
4942Titanium Alloy - Com. PureTubing, Seamless, AnnealedR50400./.Send
4943Titanium Alloy - 3.0Al2.5VHydraulic, Seamless TubingR56320./.Send
4944Titanium Alloy - 3.0AL2.5VAlloy Tubing, Seamless, Hydraulic, Stress Rel.R56320./.Send
4945Titanium Alloy - 3.0Al2.5VAlloy Tubing, Seamless, Hydraulic, Stress Rel.- Controlled ContractileR56320./.Send
4950Titanium Alloy - 6.0AL4.0VBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings Modified Strength./../.Send
4951Titanium Alloy - Com. PureWelding, WireR50550./.Send
4952Titanium Alloy - 6AL2SN4ZR2MOWelding, WireR54620./.Send
4953Titanium Alloy - 5AL2.5SNWelding, WireR54520AWS A 5.16Send
4954Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VWelding, WireR56400./.Send
4955Titanium Alloy - 8AL1MO1VWelding, WireR54810./.Send
4956Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VWelding, Wire, Extra Low Interst.R56402./.Send
4957Titanium Alloy - 3AL8V6CR4MO4ZRRound Bar and Wire - Electro Melted, Solution Heat Treated and Cold DrawnR58640./.Send
4958Titanium Alloy - 3AL8V6CR4MO4ZRBars and RodR58640./.Send
4959Titanium Alloy - 13.5V11CR3ALSpring TemperR58010./.Send
4962Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VCasting./../.Send
4963Titanium Alloy - 6.0AL4.0VBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - Annealed -Modified StrenthR56400MIL-T-9047Send
4964Titanium Alloy - 4.5AL3V2FE2MOBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings ./../.Send
4965Titanium Alloy - 6.0AL4.0VBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - AgedR56400MIL-T-9047, Alpha-Beta Alloy 6-4Send
4966Titanium Alloy - 5AL2.5SNForgings, AnnealedR54520MIL-F-83142, Type II, Comp. 2Send
4967Titanium Alloy - 6.0AL4.0VBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - Heat TreatableR56400MIL-T-9047Send
4968Titanium Alloy - 5ZR5AL5SNBars, Forgings./../.Send
4969Titanium Alloy - 5.4AL1.4CR1.3FE1.25MOAlloy Annealed./../.Send
4970Titanium Alloy - 7AL4MOBars, Wire, Forgings R56740MIL-F-83142, Comp. 9Send
4971Titanium Alloy - 6AL6V2SNBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - Annealed Heat TreatableR56620MIL-T-83142, Comp. 8Send
4972Titanium Alloy - 8AL1MO1VBars, Wire, Rings Solution Heat Treated and StabilizedR54810MIL-T-9047Send
4973Titanium Alloy - 8AL1MO1VForgings, Solution Heat Treated and StabilizedR54810./.Send
4974Titanium Alloy - 11SN5.0ZR2.3AL1.0MO0.21SIBars and ForgingsR54790./.Send
4975Titanium Alloy - 6.0AL2.0SN4.0ZR2.0MO0.08SIBars, Wire, RingsR54620MIL-T-9047Send
4976Titanium Alloy - 6.0AL2.0SN4.0ZR2.0MOForgings , Solution and Precipitation Heat TreatedR54620MIL-T-9047Send
4977Titanium Alloy - 11.5MO6.0ZR4.5SNBars Solution Heat Treated ./../.Send
4978Titanium Alloy - 6AL6V2SNBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - AnnealedR56620MIL-F-83142 Comp. 8Send
4979Titanium Alloy - 6AL6V2SNBars, Wire, Forgings, Rings - Solution and Precipitation Heat TreatedR56620MIL-F-83142 Comp. 8Send
4980Titanium Alloy - 11.5MO6.0ZR4.5SNBars Solution Heat Treated ./../.Send
4981Titanium Alloy - 6.0AL2.0SN4.0ZR6.0MOBars, Wire, Forgings, Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated R56260MIL-T-9047Send
4982Titanium Alloy - 44.5CBWireR5845045CBSend
4983Titanium Alloy - 10V2FE3ALForgings Special Heatreated./../.Send
4984Titanium Alloy - 10V2FE3ALForgings Special HeatreatedR56410./.Send
4985Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VInvestment CastingR56401./.Send
4986Titanium Alloy - 10V2FE3ALForgings Special HeatreatedR56410./.Send
4987Titanium Alloy - 10V2FE3ALForgings Special Heatreated./../.Send
4991Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VCastingsR56401./.Send
4993Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VBlended Powder CompactsR56400./.Send
4994Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VPowdered Metal ProductsR56400./.Send
4995Titanium Alloy - 5AL2SN2ZR4CR4MO0.10-O²Billets and PreformsR58650./.Send
4996Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VPremium Quality PowderR56401./.Send
4997Titanium Alloy - 5AL2SN2ZR4CR4MO0.10-O²Premium Quality PowderR58650./.Send
4998Titanium Alloy - 6AL4VPowdered Metal ProductsR56400./.Send