Metal powder for additive manufacturing (3D metal printing) now in stock at robemetall

In order to offer our customers a wide range of products, we have now also specialized in metal powder for metal 3D printing. From now on we can supply titanium alloys, steel alloys, aluminum alloys and nickel base alloys in the form of metal powder. Our powder types can be viewed in the navigation menu under the Products (metal powders) tab.

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Expansion of our warehouse range

In addition to our large stock of Round Titanium Grade 2 to ASTM B 348 (W. No .: 3.7035) and Round Titanium Grade 5 to WL. 3.7164 or 3.7164.1 as well as AMS 4928 and MIL-T-9047 as well as our range of titanium plate blanks from 3.7164.1, AMS 4911

Dimension range: from 3 mm round to 400 mm round

Dimension range: from 5 mm to 150 mm plate thickness

 ... we are now also offering Round Titanium Ti6Al4V (Titanium Grade 5) in the BAKER HUGHES Specification TI04C / TI04 C.

Dimension range: from 20 mm round to 80 mm round, rising in 10 mm increments

In addition to our assortment of US round steel bars according to AMS, we also offer plate blanks of the same US aviation specification:

Plate blanks from:

17-4 PH according to AMS 5604

15-5 PH according to AMS 5862

13-8 mo to 5864

Dimension range: 5 mm to 152.4 mm thickness

in solution-annealed design Cond. A or another desired heat treatment state, e.g. Cond. H900, H1050, H1100, etc.

Expansion of our sawing center

For giving our customer even more sawing opportunities for specific titanium cuts, aluminum blanks and steel blanks, we have added an additional Behringer HBP 413 A high-performance saw to our machine park. The cutting area is here with round dimensions up to 410 mm, in the square area up to 400 x 400 and for rectangle at 500 x 400 mm. We hope to be even more efficient and competitive for our customers and to be able to offer you short delivery times of 1-2 days.